Wrapping Candles as a Gift

When you have five children in school or a Moms Day Out program, there are a lot of people in addition to the teachers who are working hard to make sure your kids’ experience  (and mine) is good one. The school nurses (WE LOVE YOU NURSE GREEN and NURSE VICKIE!), secretaries, administrators, librarians, art and music and PE teachers. . .all of these people dedicated to the children in their school and they deserve a little holiday thanks, too!

Last year, I found these beautiful red Root Candles at this cute gift store while we were vacationing in Durango, Colorado. My mom helped me envision how they could be the perfect “Christmas Thank You” to people who have cared for my children, opened their world to art and books, or who just gave me exactly the information I needed to have.


But, one can’t just hand over two candles with a hardy handshake and a deep-felt thank you. So I needed a way to “gift them.”

(Warning: if you have multiples between the ages of 3 months and 36 months, skip this post. . .no really, you shouldn’t be handing out anything but baby wipes and a baby that needs to be changed. People should still be bringing you food and drink!)

So I decided to wrap them together using some holiday scrapbook paper that I had before I had children when in fact I actually attempted to scrapbook.

Cute Scrapbook Paper

I cut a wide strip of the scrapbook paper to go around both candles and glued the strip together.


Gluing the Strips

Then I made a label from the Avery label site to go over this wide wrap. I made extras because these are great for packages, too.

Gift Tag

Because I can’t help myself and I have a tendency to make every project a teensy wheensy bit more involved (husband is now nodding his head vigorously). . .I decided that I needed envelopes to “wrap” my wrapped candles in. So I found this tutorial on making paper goodie bags and modified it to fit the candles.

From my printer I ran off some legal sized paper with this holiday motif. Then I took a sheet and folded in the sides.

Candle envelop

I glued the flaps together.

Gluing Flaps

After that, I turned up the bottom of the “bag” and glued it shut.

Gluing Bottom of the Bag

Then inserted the candles and glued the top shut.


Viola! This would also make a great hostess gift even if it wasn’t Christmas time. Wrap with ribbon and it is the perfect little gift to say “Thank You!”




I am a mother of two sets of twins and a singleton. I explore the wild world of multiples and provide resources for other parents of multiples.
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