When Not to Let Twins be on the Same Team

I’m pretty adamant about my twins being separated in school and I’m planning to write a post about that. But, as far as sports go, I’d prefer if the entire family was on ONE team. This would mean that I would only have to carpool to one practice.

Baseball season is starting this week and we have three different teams: Dylan is in t-ball, Luke and Will are on a team, and Marc is on a different team. At dinner Scott informed me tomorrow Dylan and Marc have practice. . .the next day Luke and Will have practice. . .and then the following next day Luke, Will and Marc have another practice. I’m pretty sure I’m just going to pile everyone in the car tomorrow (actually I’m praying for rain) and when we get to the field let out anyone who sees their team out there practicing.

Someone please feel my pain.

But, I’ve discovered that there is one sport in which the boys, particularly Luke and Will, need to be on different teams: basketball.

Those two are scrappy (old fashioned word that totally describes them) on defense but absolute ball hogs on offense. Here’s how it would go every.single.time: One would pass in the ball. . .to the other one. . .who would take it down court. . .then pass it back to this brother at the top of the key. . .who would then try to pass it back. . .at which point it would be intercepted by the opposing team–AS IF THEY COULDN’T READ THE PLAY.

I was a little embarrassed sitting with the other parents because their kids never touched the ball, and they were too polite to yell at my boys, “PASS THE BALL!”

So, I became that ranting parent that I knew they secretly wanted to be: “PASS THE BALL TO SOMEONE OTHER THAN YOUR BROTHER!”

The boys ignored me.

It could also be that they ignored me because I kept cheering for the wrong child, yelling GO WILL when actually it was Luke. I forgot who was wearing which number. . .and from the bleachers they looked so much alike!

Other mothers of identicals won’t necessarily admit this: sometimes it is hard to tell them apart.

Luke and Will Basketball



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