What happens when We Hit the Thrift Stores

One of the things we always do when we visit Denver is go thrifting. I don’t know why, but Denver has amazing thrift shops and I always find some unique treasures.

My mom, Marc, Maddie and I went out a few days ago and had a blast searching for those one of a kind items.

In terms of practical things I found a bunch of boys shirts–many of them the Under Armour brand that the boys never seem to have enough of. I think I found nine or ten shirts and then Maddie found some Under Armour leggings.

And we found a ton of books. (I love going to the library but we aren’t so good about returning library books on time AND usually a book passes between a few people anyway!) We recently adopted a chocolate Lab so I’m into dog books these days.

Thrift Store Books

My mom found this great tray. . .the wine, alas, was purchased separately.


I don’t bake a lot of cakes. . .but I might start after finding this beautiful green cake stand. (Maybe I should just hang it from a window!)


The best part about thrifting is when the children are set loose with a few dollars. This is what happened when Scott stopped at a thrift store and let the children choose something (we are actually looking for a couple of bikes and some scooters but the kids found other treasures).

Will found a foot massager. Don’t laugh. . .this thing works wonders!


Luke uncovered a four book set of the Harry Potter novels.


Marc found a game of Simon Flash (for $2–it retails for $29!).


And, Maddie discovered a baton and has been practicing twirling and throwing. (I had a baton when I was younger and some of those cool white vinyl majorette boots!)




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