We Bought a Piano!

My husband is the musician in the family. He plays guitar and sings. He used to direct a church choir. And, when we were first married, he would follow me around the house playing his guitar and singing songs–sometimes serious ones but mostly funny reworks. I have to admit that the last part might sound romantic, but it was actually annoyingly funny (really, who follows some to the laundry room with their guitar?).

We’ve been siting in the VERY FRONT row at church for most of the year. The front row doesn’t have the pew pockets that contain the golf pencils and the prayer request envelopes and the “Hi, I forgot my monetary offering” envelopes. Sitting in the pews with pew pockets meant a lot of writing and drawing and asking mom in a little louder than a whisper “WHAT’S OUR ADDRESS?” during the homily.

Most importantly, though, we sit in the front row to be close to the sweet-voiced cantor, Emliy, the pianist, Sherry, and the violinist, Andrew. (People pay good money for front row concert tickets and I get this for my whole family for FREE!) I did this on purpose because I wanted the kids not only to hear the amazing music that this trio blesses our Masses with every Sunday, but I was hoping that each child would eventually be inspired (maybe moved by the Spirit) to say, “I WANT TO PLAY THE_______,TOO!”

And, just a few weeks ago Marc said just that: “I want to take piano lessons.”

One problem, we don’t have a piano.

Ah. . .but we do have Craigslist.

At lunchtime today Scott said, “I found a piano on Craigslisst for $200. The person selling it lives just up the road so I thought I’d check it out.”

By 4 pm he had convinced our neighbor, Skip, to got with him to collect this piece and help load and unload it.  


Skip is a really good friend and he truly deserved more than just the venti Starbucks coffee that Scott treated him to for helping!


There were several times during the unloading process that I thought we’d be picking piano pieces off of the driveway!

But as soon as they safely (and I’d say somewhat miraculously) birthed it out of the car and set it upright on the driveway, the kids went crazy. There was something really cool about a piano being played in the middle of the driveway.

Then Skip demonstrated what 5:45 am with 5 kids and an new piano would sound like–not cool.

She’s a Lester Betsy Ross. The story is that Lester made these pianos during the Great Depression and that that was what saved them from going under. She is definitely worn, but she seems to have a deep rich sound.



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