We are Ten Today! But we don’t want to share a birthday party.

Luke and Will at 10 years old
Luke and Will at 10 years old

We had a busy weekend!

On Sunday Luke and Will turned ten years old! Double digits for the duo.

The boys decided that after nine years of sharing a birthday party, they wanted to each have their own. I wasn’t so crazy about the idea because. . .because honestly, it is just so much easier to have one party than two.

I’m big on making sure my identical boys bond as brothers but also feel like they are also individuals, so I agreed. On Thursday Luke decided that he wanted his birthday on Saturday while Will opted for the following Saturday. Scott agreed. I thought the idea of a birthday party in two days was CRAZY. What would parents think when they’d get an invitation on Friday for a party on Saturday. How the heck would we plan a party by then?

Scott wasn’t at all fazed by the time frame and he figured that if we covered the basics (food, cake, games) and kept the boys entertained, everyone would have fun. And, even though I’m not a pinterest party person, I do enjoy making invitations so I stayed up late on Thursday night getting one done. . .

Tenth Birthday Invitation

Luke wanted a video game party.

“What?” I asked.

“I want my friends to come over and play video games with me,” he explained.

As of Saturday morning, of the six kids invited, only one mom texted me that her son would be there and one mom texted that her son couldn’t come. I panicked. What if only one kid showed up? Scott reassured me that whatever happened we would be fine and that Luke would have a good time. I reiterated that I thought this was a TERRIBLE idea.

By two in the afternoon, I had heard from all the moms and everyone was coming. Relief. . .and maybe a little trepidation. Including my crew, we were looking at 10 boys in our house. Since it had rained earlier in the day and more was predicted, I didn’t think we’d be able to haul them outside.

The boys came rolling in at 5 pm with devices in tow, and quickly the gaming began. Some played downstairs and some played upstairs and everything went smoothly. Scott had set snacks up on the kitchen counter and the boys helped themselves. By 6:30 we had pizza delivered.

Video gamers

After the pizza, I could sense some restlessness. Gaming is fun. . .but boys also need physical activity. A break in the storms meant outside was an option and Scott started a kickball game.  It was crazy fun!Kickball

After about 45 minutes I declared CAKE TIME! Luke and Will don’t particularly like cake (neither of them had a piece), but Luke wanted a cake for his friends. I cut out some images from the Roblox game that is all the rage for my boys and put them as cake decoration.

Birthday Cake

Birthday Cake

Parents arrived soon after the cake to pick up their boys and the first party was officially over. In retrospect, it was actually a pretty awesome evening with not too much planning and a willingness to improvise a little bit. My boys honestly don’t care if the cups match the plates which match the napkins. They want to get together with their friends, have some time to play, eat and play some more.

I might need to do one of these evenings without a birthday involved. It was just a good time!







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  1. We almost always do low key parties and the kids have fun and we aren’t out hundreds of dollars! You did great mom!

    1. Thanks, Linda! I seem to enjoy these parties when I’m not worried about too many details. A calm mom goes a long way when you have a house filled with adolescent boys!

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