I probably shouldn’t write this post because I have three cub scouts who sell popcorn every fall. . .but I have to share this tip because it is crazy easy and super cheap and an EXCELLENT snack for the kids after school.

Popcorn in a brown paper bag.

YES! Put about 1/3 cup of popcorn (you might have to play around with the amount depending on your microwave) in a brown paper bag (usually a lunch bag but if my husband is making an extra big batch he’s actually stuffed a grocery bag into the microwave). Roll the top of the bag shut and put in the microwave. If your unit has a “Popcorn” setting push that (if not, set for approximately 3 min) and watch the magic happen! After awhile playing with time and popcorn amount you can walk away from the microwave, but for the first couple of times listen closely to the popping sound. When the sound diminishes, stop the microwave or else you’ll have BURNED popcorn (and that is one of the most unpleasant smells).

Carefully open the bag and put popped corn into a bowl. We like a few squirts of the spray butter and some shakes of salt. Experiment with toppings. My favorite is semi-chocolate chips or the butterscotch chips sprinkled around (does this mean it loses it’s nutritional value?!).VIOLA! Fast, nutritious, easy and cheap!




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