The Calvary is Here! Grandma and Grandpa Jump into Action!

It has been a while since I’ve written! Lots going on here! But help has arrived! Grandma Judy and Papa Jim came for a visit from Denver (the land of milk and honey–we like to skim over any air pollution issues!).

Literally their bags landed in the door moments before the crew descended from the bus. With Valentine’s Day the next day, and Luke and Will still needing to finish Valentine boxes and Valentines, Grandma and Grandpa had no time to slowly acclimate to a house with five kids! Luckily they had five themselves so they knew just how to jump right in!

Grandpa started with the Valentines for Luke and Will. I found these printable Valentines at The Crafty Crow. Perfect for the boys–not too cutesy. The note home said no candy on the Valentine’s cards so we decided pencils were a good option.

Luke's and Will's Valentines

Grandpa’s job was to cut the slits on the Valentines where the pencils slip in.

Grandpa Jim

I put Grandma on Valentine box duty. She needed to wrap a shoe box with gift wrap paper. Will decided to keep his box plain. He had already taken it to school in the morning and forgot to bring it home.

GRandma and Luke make the valentine box

Grandma and Luke made an awesome box!

I think this was the first year the boys addressed and signed their own name to all of their Valentines!



When Grandpa finished his Valentine’s job, he was assigned another task: listening to Will read and then updating the reading log. (We are trying to log 200 books in order to participate in a special ice cream party with the principal at the end of the year.)


It is hard work being Grandparents.


Grandpa helping Will with his reading log





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