A Summer Read: Whiskey and Charlie

I'd like to say that my identical twins are the best of friends and are not at all competitive. While I see first hand both the bond that my boys have--I also have to admit there are signs of competitiveness and strains of tension that are part of their relationship.  Recently when I was introducing them to a Dad of a new friend the boys had made, the dad asked how to tell them apart. Will took Luke's face to show him the "mole mark" that we use to help people distinguish them. Luke blurted … [Read more...]


Okay, so I'm just going to publicly admit this right now and get on with our summer: We aren't reading.  There I said it and I'll say it again, only louder. WE AREN'T READING. I mean, I'm reading. I just finished the 2014 Pulitzer Prize Winner Goldfinch, and I bought  Not Becoming My Mother at a thrift store. (WAIT MOM. KEEP READING. I'm reading this because I've read ALL of Ruth Reichl's memoirs. She was the restaurant critic for the Los Angeles Times and the New York Times and the the … [Read more...]