Kangaroo Care–Ask for it!

After my first set of twins were born at 33 weeks and I was in the throes of a magnesium drip as well as recovering from a c-section, I had to wait 24 hours before I could see my babies. Scott had snapped a quick picture of the nurses holding the babies next to my head immediately after their birth. Later, as I was in the recovery room, he snuck video of the babies in the NICU. Marc's plaintive cry sounded like a wounded animal. The morning after their birth, still not having seen them, … [Read more...]

10 Things to Remember When your Babies are in the NICU

  Seeing our newborn babies in the NICU was probably one of the hardest things I've ever endured. I had spent months planning this perfect delivery; envisioned taking my two darlings home; and, continuing on our happy little way. So, when I delivered my twins at 33 weeks, my dream of "how-it-was-going-to-be" turned into a confusing, and with the magnesium drip I was on, almost surreal experience. Looking back now, I wish I had had someone to guide me through my first foray into … [Read more...]

I Don’t Really Enjoy Babies. . .or this is Harder than I ever Imagined

  I am the oldest of five children. I have four younger brothers. I was a teacher. I have been around babies and children my entire life.  Imagine my shock when I discovered after my twins were born that I wasn’t enjoying the infancy stage. The guilt. . .the angst. . .the fear that I made truly the worse mistake of my life and there was no turning back. Not that I didn’t love my babies but caring for them in those early, sleep-deprived, intensive days, I struggled mightily. I … [Read more...]