Turn Around and Walk Out: When to leave a full shopping cart

A few weeks Scott left a shopping cart full of merchandise and walked out of the sporting goods store. (Apologies to the clerk who had to put everything away.) Three boys followed him, complaining, and saying what a bad dad he was. In the abandoned shopping cart was baseball equipment: pants, helmet, socks. All items that were needed for a tournament the next day. Leaving the full cart was no small feat of parental fortitude because the past two months  have been filled to the brim with … [Read more...]

A Dog and then a Loss and a lesson in parenting

A dog wandered into our yard on Monday. This isn't an unusual event in that we live by a field. So we posted her picture around the neighborhood and let neighbors know on the subdivision's website that we had found her. An adorable terrier schnauzer mix with the friendliest personality, the dog immediately captured our hearts. She was good with the children, no jumping or barking, and she could play fetch until you were tired of throwing the ball. Before the evening was done, we had bought a … [Read more...]

We Bought a Piano!

My husband is the musician in the family. He plays guitar and sings. He used to direct a church choir. And, when we were first married, he would follow me around the house playing his guitar and singing songs--sometimes serious ones but mostly funny reworks. I have to admit that the last part might sound romantic, but it was actually annoyingly funny (really, who follows some to the laundry room with their guitar?). We've been siting in the VERY FRONT row at church for most of the year. The … [Read more...]