Did you WANT to have Twins?

Since my first pregnancy was a twin pregnancy, I don't think I thought about wanting or not wanting to have twins. Scott and I struggled to have children and had to resort to in vitro to begin our family. We were so excited to become parents and we thought that the two-for-one deal was a great way to do it. But after a "not-as-I-planned" emergency c-section and babies hooked up to tubes and monitors and the unrelenting demands of caring for such fragile lives, I desparately struggled during … [Read more...]


As a mother of multiples, you are going be the recipient of LOADS of advice. Everyone will have something to say (even me) about what you should or shouldn't do. But lean in close. Here is my BEST. ADVICE. EVER.  In some ways this is the only piece of advice you'll ever need because no one can counter it or say the opposite worked better for them. Find other mothers of multiples. Better yet, find a mothers of multiples group. Join it. PARTICIPATE IN IT. Be an active member. More than … [Read more...]