Even when he is sick. . .

Will woke up this morning with a stomach virus. Five o'clock this morning he was standing on my side of the bed announcing that he had just thrown up--all over his bed. God Bless, Scott. He knows my aversion/anxiety about vomit and vomitting (did you know that there is a medical term for this anxiety--but I can't remember it right now). So he got out of bed and cleaned up the mess and took care of Will. I felt guilty. . .and then I fell back asleep. Yes, that's the kind of wife I am. Later … [Read more...]

Oh Man, what a week! The Flu Strikes. . .the Dryer Quits

Every family has a week like this one where a virus spreads like brush fire. . .and then the appliances, realizing their opportunity, design a plan of mutiny. Usually the appliances gang up when one or more children is vomiting. Marc stepped off of the bus on Tuesday with a 101 degree fever. The pediatrician generously saw us and diagnosed Marc with both the A and B strains of the flu. I started coughing on the drive home. By the next day, cough, headache and fever were my modus operandi as … [Read more...]