Halloween and the Morning After

Well, Halloween has come and gone. . .and here are a few pictures from our celebration.   This year we had one Harry Potter (sans glasses because we couldn't find them EVENTHOUGH I moved them around to safe places all week!), Red Man (who brought a backpack to put all his candy in after his pumpkin was full, Ron Weasley (thanks neighbor, Heather, for the red hair paint), Minja (please, don't confuse him with the proper pronunciation of Ninja) and a cat vampire (sans the teeth … [Read more...]

Dead Man Meatloaf

Meatloaf can be so boring. My standard recipe is from Kraft foods and you can find it here.  This is one of those "back pocket" recipes that I can pretty much guarantee will make a good meal. But, today I lacked the stuffing mix that puts that meatloaf over the top. So, this afternoon right before the 3:15 onslaught of hungry, homework-laden children arrived from school, I was frantically searching for a meat loaf recipe whose ingredients jived with my pantry. I came upon DEAD MAN … [Read more...]