Casa Bonita: A MUST SEE in Denver

Somethings never change. And, sometimes that is a good thing. Casa Bonita in Denver is one of those things. Since I was a child Casa Bonita has been the choice of "where do you want to go for your birthday?" And, it was the place we took out-of-state relatives from the East Coast who were visiting our newly adopted city. So, keeping with tradition of taking the out-of-towners, the Grandparents invited us to go there for dinner.  My brother Tim joined us as well as two other … [Read more...]

Summer in Denver

I know that memory is a funny thing. It often gently fogs over the rough corners of the past and sweetly embraces that which was good and fun and worthy of building upon. And, this is how I remember my childhood in Denver. My brother and I would ride our bikes to the public tennis courts for group lessons led by a high schooler or maybe a college student then we would come home and change and ride our bikes to the local public pool for swimming lessons or just to swim. The days were led … [Read more...]

Denver: A Great Place to Vacation with Young Children

In honor of the Denver Broncos playing in Super Bowl XLVIII on Sunday, I thought I would sing the city's praises and tell you why Denver should be on your list of top places to visit with young children. Actually, there is something for every age, but if you are looking for a place that is friendly, relatively inexpensive (just wait till you see what I've listed!), and memorable, Denver is your destination.  Here are the reasons you should consider Denver this summer. Amazing Summer Weather: … [Read more...]

Crawfish Boil in Denver

It might seem strange that we'd have to go North (away from the ocean) to have our family experience their first Crawfish Boil, but that is exactly what happened while we were visiting Denver. My brother, Jon, and his wife, Sam, hosted a crawfish boil for the family in their beautiful backyard. It was a messy blast! The crawfish were flown in that morning from Lousianna   My brother, Aaron, separated the alive looking ones from those that looked a little motion sick--or … [Read more...]