Can Minecraft Teach our Kids the Art of Small Talk?

We have fallen into the video game rabbit hole with our older children. After years of resisting the DS--whatever number--and doling out our phones to one child at a time to play a game while the others hovered around the four inch screen, I opened the flood gates and bought the two nine year olds and the two seven year olds Nooks for Christmas. I reasoned that they would read books on it and then occasionally play video games on it--like during our 15+hour drive to Denver. (Please, don't … [Read more...]

Don’t Yell at Your Kids: One crazy tip that might help

My husband, Scott, is taking a parenting class from a friend and parenting mentor, Geri Clouse. She offers free parenting workshops that you can learn more about here. When we had four under three, we both took her class on Nurturing Parenting. Here's the main lesson of the class: YOU CAN'T CONTROL the child BUT you can control the environment. And, that some of what we (or others that would interact with us) would consider "unacceptable" behavior is actually part of whatever development … [Read more...]

Famzoo: The Virtual Bank that Teaches Children about Money

Money. SHHHH. . . Do you talk about it? With your children? Do you share your money weaknesses? Mistakes? Values? Do you just hope that your children learn about it through osmosis? Our previous approach to teaching money management was the envelope one. No, not the Dave Ramsey budgeting envelopes where envelopes are listed by category and are funded with cash. We subscribed to the envelopes in the cupboard method of money managment for our children: Each child had an … [Read more...]