Steaming Bowl of Potato Soup

Maddie eating potato soupYou know me. I start with a recipe–usually using it as a reference–because I haven’t done that planning that would ensure I have all the necessary ingredients. Such was the case with today’s dinner, Potato Soup.

I started with this recipe from Allrecipes, Potato Leek Soup.  It had great rating–but even as important–I had enough of the ingredients that I could punt. Of course I didn’t have the leeks (although those would have been GREAT!) so I sauteed some onions and diced up some green onions for color and to finish it. I also added some carrots which I cooked with the onions. At the end, I also squeezed some fresh lemon juice (maybe half a lemon) to give the dish that little sparkle!

Dylan enjoying potato soupTo round out the meal I added a side salad and a pineapple that was almost beyond salvation.

Luke giving thumbs up for potato soup
Best of all, everyone enjoyed the soup! The picky six year olds ate every last drop and Luke even gave it a thumbs up!



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