Space–a mom’s final frontier



I’ve started a part time job.

Gee-whiz, if I had known it would be like this—I would have found one a long time ago.

And, I’m not so sure it is all about the actual job. Don’t get me wrong, I love what I’m doing because it combines a lot of different aspects of me—my Catholic Faith, teaching children, learning (mostly my own learning as I delve into the Gospels and Catholic teaching). The people I work with are generous, funny, interesting, smart and life-giving. They are good people.

Really, though, I think that the most unexpected perk of my job is my office.

I can almost stretch my arms across and touch each of the four sides. The yellow color is a little bright–the color of Aspen on a very bright Colorado fall day. The previous resident of this office had it beautifully decorated–pictures, plants and inspirational quotes. I have nails in the wall.  I haven’t even hung up a picture—and as nearly sacrilegious as this sounds, I don’t even have a picture of my family there!

But, it is my space. My pens, my scissors, my tape—ok, it is really the parish’s and they are gracious enough to let me use these items (WHICH BY THE WAY I CAN NEVER FIND IN MY OWN HOUSE). These items are exactly where I left them. And that sneaky thief that haunts my house, he or she goes by the name, “NOT ME”, has not discovered my new locale. And–get this–THE DOOR LOCKS! (I know, I almost sound. . .well, giddy!)

For the past eight years I have shared ALL my spaces with other people.  I’ve shared the bedroom with my husband and a revolving door of children who are sick, waking from a nightmare or just “I-want-to-sleep-with-mom.”

At home my laptop sits on the dinning room table and although my husband constantly admonishes me for letting the children access to it, it has become public property. There is no way I can keep putting it away and taking it out. And, honestly, I want them to use the computer but I also want to know where they are going on it.

My husband works from home and has his own office. And although the boundaries are often permeated by wife and children, it is still a room that is considered just his and he can yell things like, “GET OUT OF MY OFFICE!”

When I was having lunch with a friend last week who has two daughters (one in middle school and one in elementary school) and a one year old son, she revealed that she totally resents having her girlsuse her bathroom.”At first, it was okay because when the girls were younger my bathroom was the easiest place to bathe them. But, I really thought as they got older that they would move–and would want to move–to their own bathrooms. Yesterday, I walked into the bathroom and my oldest was using my brush and I just wanted to scream like a kid, ‘THAT’S MY BRUSH!'”

I get it.

I feel the same about my bed and bathroom and most mornings you’ll hear me yelling (mostly to myself), “WHY CAN’T I JUST HAVE A DRY TOWEL?!”

Which leads me to why I’m finishing this particular blog at 6 am in the morning. The two year old ventured down at who knows what time and climbed into bed between me and Scott, and although we have a king-sized bed, I was on the edge of it until he woke up yelling, “MOVE MOM!”

Tomorrow I go back to my part time job. I’m not saving the world, it has no benefits. . .but it comes with my own office and I’m the only one in my family with a key to it!



I am a mother of two sets of twins and a singleton. I explore the wild world of multiples and provide resources for other parents of multiples.
  1. I know exactly what you mean! There is just something about having your own little something. I have given up on the car and the house-they have long ago been taken over by the children! Wonderful writing! Keep the posts coming!

  2. You go girl you have earned it. I went back to my volunteer job yesterday and I feel like a kid let out of school. Real adult people to talk to and share with not just these 3 dogs.
    I think this is wonderful for you and your children, you will be a better Mom than ever just for giving yourself this little timeout where nobody is screaming mommie.
    luv you

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