Seven Years Ago Today

Seven years ago today I gave birth to identical twin boys at 36 weeks. And we named them Luke Scott and William Ernest. They spent their first week in the NICU.

Luke & Will 3 days old_edited-1



Much to our delight and surprise. . . Luke and Will grew











And they grew. . .

Luke and Will








and they grew.









Each developing and honing their own personalities and interests and strengths. . .

Luke and Will








Luke is sensitive, funny, goofy and witty, and diligent about getting things done. He is a wickedly good Lego builder. He is the best child at seeing that something needs done and doing it. He hates shots and getting his toe nails cut and will scream if either of those two things occur (God forbid they ever happen at the same time). He loves math.












Will is my literal, by the book, “I-LOVE-BUGS” boy. He loves games of all types and can be very competitive. He hates to hear Luke cry and when he is getting a shot, Will will do everything in his power NOT to cry and to tell Luke that it wasn’t that bad. Then he’ll have to leave the room while Luke is getting his-because he can’t stand to hear his brother cry. Will likes pineapple and is allergic to eggs.









And, so my identical but really nothing alike boys are seven. They still love to snuggle with me in bed in the morning even though I told them jokingly that seven year olds are too old for that. They laughed and said that the eight year olds in our family still snuggle in bed.


They love their together time. . .but they adamantly protect what is their own. . .their own classrooms and friends. . .their own personalities.









I forget that they are identical twins until I find myself cheering for Luke during a soccer game and only realizing in an embarrassing minute that the Mom has been yelling the wrong name and it was Will kicking the ball!

I love them more then they know and I after going through pictures of them as babies, I wish I could return just for a moment and scoop them up again knowing now what I didn’t truly realize then. . .they grow and they grow and they grow.



I am a mother of two sets of twins and a singleton. I explore the wild world of multiples and provide resources for other parents of multiples.
  1. Happy Birthday, to Luke and Will, and Happy Birthday to you, too, Michelle. What an amazing day.

    1. Thanks Meredith!

  2. Happy Birthday to two of the most beautiful and happiest baby boys. I am so grateful that I met them and had a small part in their lives. I miss seeing those faces.

    Happy Birthday Luke and Will!

    Hugs and kisses
    From Ann Marie

    1. Ann Marie,
      I think of you so often! You and Joe need to c’mon down to Texas! You’ve played such an important role in that first year–I couldn’t have done it without you and Liz and the girls! Miss you all!

  3. Great to see the boys pictures through the years. Keep writing!

    1. Thanks Kathy! We need to get together soon!

  4. Those beautiful pictures of Luke and Will were a trip down memory lane. How fast they grow!

  5. As I scrolled through the pictures I honestly don’t remember much of those 7 years that have gone by so fast. Especially the first few. And Michelle is exactlyh right – we could not have done it without the amazing help we received from our incredible neighbors – who took us in like family (literally) and provided everything from food, drink, social escapes, and just damn good support.
    My recommendation if you are expecting multiples, get to know your neighbors and know that they can be your best means of support, especially when you are not close to immediate family – like we weren’t for those first few years.
    And lastly, seeing these pictures reminds me that we were so busy in proverbial “survival” mode with 4 that I missed really getting to spend time with these two alone….
    You gotta live and love every moment of it!

  6. Happy Birthday to the boys from us and dogs. I thought you wrote a beautiful tribute to your boys.


    1. Thanks Jean! As you know, they grow up fast!

  7. Awww! Happy Birthday to those two precious boys!

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