Sausage, Spinach and Pasta Soup: Something for Everyone

The weather is expected to turn cooler this weekend so this is a perfect opportunity to get a great soup on the stove. This one is a tad more time intensive in that there are veggies to cut up.

Spinach, Sausage and pasta Soup

But, I save time by putting the onion and the garlic in the food processor for a few pulses and the carrots are pretty quick to cut. The spinach can go in whole or torn up and anything else you add is just bonus.

There is a parenting adage that if you are going to introduce a new food item to your kids, pair it with something that you know they’ll love. Show me the child that doesn’t love pasta! I’ve made this soup numerous times and it is always a crowd pleaser no matter what the age!

You can find the recipe here at The Reluctant Gourmet. Follow the recipe, but also feel free to add some veggies that might be nearing their expiration date. I had some zucchini that were days away from their last journey to the compost. Also, you can substitute swiss chard for the spinach. I also used the Knorr Homestyle Stock which makes a really nice broth. (I’m in no way compensated by Knorr–well, hubby works for the company.)

The soup freezes well so you can save some for the next cold snap.





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