Riding the Rails for Spring Break



For Spring Break we rode the rails. Okay–we took a two hour train ride from Cedar Park, Texas to Burnet, Texas, ate bar-b-que and took the train back. It was a low stress and low expectation type of trip–and the children LOVED it!


Here we are trying to figure out which train car we are riding. Dylan did not let go of this backpack the entire trip!



The contents of the backpack made sense only to a two year old. I think it contained a Thomas train, a bright yellow glove that we use when cleaning the dishes, a jacket, a pencil, some underwear and socks and some spare change.



It is good to make friends with as many people as possible when you are traveling with five children.



Luke reads up on the Burnet gunfighters that we were going to see.


SONY DSCSnacks and drinks were free and plentiful. A plus for my family because most of the snacks I had packed were consumed in the driveway before we even left.



 Two hours of just riding the train meant that we could play a few games.
SONY DSCOr, just stare out the window.
Really, when was the last time we just hung out together?
In Burnet we. .


 . . .milked a metal cow,

. . .walked  in the drizzling rain,



. . .posed in front of over-fertilized Blue Bonnets,



. . .and  we saw a wild west gunfight.


SONY DSCThat night we made popcorn and piled into the pull-out couch to watch a movie in the hotel room.

Here’s my take-away from the 36 hours we were away:

1. Slow is good and the caveat to this one: Some of the best trips are the ones that are simple, manageable, and very close to home. 

2. Even if you give school-aged children a checklist of what to pack, the items on the list and in the quantity you specified may or may not be packed. Luke packed no underwear or clothes for the next day. Will packed three of everything.

3. The adventure beings when you close the door to your house not when you arrive at your destination. 

4. You can’t plan for every scenario (and do you really want to pack that much?) so make do: Locked bathrooms. . .two year old HAS to go. . .plastic cup. . .supply closet. SUCCESS!




I am a mother of two sets of twins and a singleton. I explore the wild world of multiples and provide resources for other parents of multiples.
  1. Love this! Looks like you had a great time! I’m going to have to find some of that industrial strength Miracle Grow that they used on those Blue Bonnets….

  2. What a wonderful adventure! Fannie is very interested in trains, but she’s so young. I wonder, at what age do kids really start to appreciate trips like this?

    1. I’ve wrestled with this question when we are trying to decide what do to with the kids. If I waited until they appreciated something–we’d still be at the dinner table (ah, just a “thanks for dinner mom!” is one of my most recurrent fantasies). The question might be is the activity suitable and manageable for this age. Dylan LOVED the train. Dylan didn’t take a regular nap that day. Later on we paid for that BUT it was manageable because he isn’t a twin and so I only had one crabby toddler.

  3. wow..,.reminds me of that song “The great adventure” by Women of faith.

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