Rediscovering the Creative: Making Pillows from Tea-Towels

One of the most difficult things in parenting young children, especially when you have multiple young children, is nurturing those creative pursuits—those passions—that you used to do.

I used to sew and create things.

And, while I’ve tried to get back into it. . .well, you know how it is A couple years ago, I met a women who is a poet. After her third child was born, she felt like she was losing her soul. The part of herself that she was most in love–that part with was being overrun by the never ending care of children. So she told her husband this. . .and left for two weeks to begin pursuing a MFA and work on a book. I loved the story because as much as we LOVE our families we often miss those selves that were creative and passionate about something.

Do you remember losing a sense of time as you became engrossed in something? What were your hobbies or interests before children and family life? Did those interest die away or change?

This is a long winded way of saying that I found this awesome tea towels at Target right after Halloween. They were only $2 and I remember thinking that they’d make great pillows.


So, the other night, right after I put kids to bed, I went into my guest/sewing/just-put -that-old-lamp-in-here room. It is right next to the three boys room but I justified the sound my sewing machine was making as being soothing to Luke, Will and Dylan. I could hear them saying years down the road to their children, “Yeah, and then I’d fall asleep to the gentle hum of my mom’s sewing machine.”

I folded the towels in half, inserted an invisible zipper (using this tutorial on YouTube) at the other end and VIOLA!

Harvest Pillow

Man, you’d think I had just re-painted the Sistine Chapel, I was so proud of these darn things. (I made TWO of them!) Not only had they turned out so “pottery-barny” but  I HAD FINISHED A PROJECT. No seriously. I must have at LEAST 20 projects that I’ve started and never have finished. Some projects were doomed to fail: “Oh, I have a newborn but I know that I can so myself new nursing dresses.” And some just looked AWFUL and I ditched the project in midstream. Tissue paper pattern pieces literally cover that guest/sewing/put-that-extra-rocking-chair-there room like beige snow drifts.

But these pillows make me smile–at least until next week when suddenly they’ll be out of season.

Backside of harvest pillow

Maddie was my photographer for the pillow shoot. She is also a huge supporter of creative habits. And yes, I did lose that sense of time while sewing. It was very Zen-like.


I don’t mean to get cocky. . .but I bought some Christmas napkins from Target after the holidays last year. . .I might just venture back into my guest/sewing/put-that-extra-mattress-here room.




I am a mother of two sets of twins and a singleton. I explore the wild world of multiples and provide resources for other parents of multiples.
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