Already Homesick

Well, we are days before returning to Texas and I have to admit. . .I'm already homesick for Denver. To make matters worse, the kids are excited to get back to home in San Antonio and their friends, and I'm working hard to stifle my annoyance at their giddiness. Luke says he's not that excited, but he is my empathizer. . .He is the one to comfort and console. Will, on the other hand, has suffered a series of scooter injuries that tonight he cried wouldn't have happened if we had stayed in Texas … [Read more...]

The Truths about Traveling with Children

It has been almost a month that we set out on living my dream of spending the summer in Denver. And, for the most part--and memory will definitely increase that "most part" to THE WHOLE MONTH--it has been great. But, I also feel like I've learned some important truths about traveling with children that I'd like to share with you. 1. Your adventure starts as soon as you close your front door. A former teacher in the district where I taught had this great class for teachers called ADVENTURE … [Read more...]

Casa Bonita: A MUST SEE in Denver

Somethings never change. And, sometimes that is a good thing. Casa Bonita in Denver is one of those things. Since I was a child Casa Bonita has been the choice of "where do you want to go for your birthday?" And, it was the place we took out-of-state relatives from the East Coast who were visiting our newly adopted city. So, keeping with tradition of taking the out-of-towners, the Grandparents invited us to go there for dinner.  My brother Tim joined us as well as two other … [Read more...]

You are Required to be Part of my Dream (even if you don’t want to)

Ever since moving from Denver a mere week after marrying Scott (15 years ago this August) my one goal in life (besides keeping everyone alive and healthy) has been to move back to Denver. After we were married, Scott and I moved from Denver to Minneapolis (cold doesn't even begin to describe that winter) to northern New Jersey (had two sets of twins there) and to San Antonio (and added another child). Although San Antonio is technically "driving distance" to Denver--we actually do the 15 hour … [Read more...]

What happens when We Hit the Thrift Stores

One of the things we always do when we visit Denver is go thrifting. I don't know why, but Denver has amazing thrift shops and I always find some unique treasures. My mom, Marc, Maddie and I went out a few days ago and had a blast searching for those one of a kind items. In terms of practical things I found a bunch of boys shirts--many of them the Under Armour brand that the boys never seem to have enough of. I think I found nine or ten shirts and then Maddie found some Under Armour … [Read more...]