I.HATE.PROJECTS–Says Every Mother of Multiples

When I was a teacher (seventh and eighth grade language arts) and parents would complain about the amount of homework and how their little darlings had trouble getting it completed what with baseball practice or dance. . .I would somewhat commiserate and then take my 20 something, single, childless self home thinking to myself--Well, parent, what's more important academics or extracurricular? Now I'm a parent. Now I have five children in five different activities every single night of the … [Read more...]

Monday Meals: Chicken and Snow Pea Stir Fry

The winter in South Texas has been pretty mild, so if you're a gardener in these parts, you're already picking your first batch of snow peas from the vines. That is the case with my friend and colleague, Bob. We are often discussing or rather commiserating on our gardens and the weather and the bugs. He got his snow peas planted by early February and today put a large bag of them, perfectly green and crisp, on my desk. I immediately started munching away like some overgrown Peter Rabbit. But, … [Read more...]

Mostly Multiples Links

This is the only picture I have of Maddie and Marc somewhat holding hands as babies. They loved to sleep together--and seemed to sleep better when the other was there--but they didn't necessarily reach out and cling to the other. I love this picture because Maddie does seem to be reaching out and touching Marc. (I never thought I'd miss those days of early twin life, but I do!) But this touching story shows twins in utero holding hands. It is especially poignant because one twin isn't … [Read more...]

Bullying and the Open Heart

Marc climbed into the car at parent pick up the other day and immediately declared, "I was just bullied." "What?" I asked surprised by his statement because he was just part of the school safety patrol (fourth and fifth graders help teachers match kids with the right parent-vehicles in the drop-off and pick-up lanes at the front of school). While I waited for him and two neighborhood boys, who are part of our carpool, to finish their patrol duty, I watched the teacher in charge dismiss the … [Read more...]

Mostly Multiples Links

We've repacked the Uhaul and we are on our way back to Texas today. This was a picture of us coming to Denver, and I'm sure the picture tomorrow would be similar but with less smiley faces. (The end of a trip is always sad for me!) But I wanted to share some fun things I found on the internet about multiples. Now wouldn't this be a surprise: They were expecting identical twins and delivered identical triplets! An interesting read about life as an identical twin. Do your identical twins … [Read more...]