We Bought a Piano!

My husband is the musician in the family. He plays guitar and sings. He used to direct a church choir. And, when we were first married, he would follow me around the house playing his guitar and singing songs--sometimes serious ones but mostly funny reworks. I have to admit that the last part might sound

Wonton Soup

Like I stated in my last post, I love Thanksgiving. One of the reasons is the big ole’ bird. For someone like me who cooks dinner almost every night, that turkey is a gift that keeps on giving. I simmer the carcass for soup broth and use every last piece of meat for our Enchilada

How Alike?

I'm fascinated with identical twins.   And, even though I'm the mother to a set of them I often forget that they are identical. They are always Luke and Will to me--with seemingly very different personalities. But every once in while I'm struck by some similarity that has nothing to do with looks. For instance, when

Eating Jack

If you saw my last post, I was cutting up one of our jack-o-lanterns for some antioxidant goodness. A way of sneaking a little more of Vitamins A and C into all kinds of things. Well, the next morning my husband made pancakes. OH MY GOODNESS--does that need a little pumpkin or what?! He begged.

Halloween 2012

I love Halloween costumes that have a family theme: a box of crayons. . ."birds of a feather". . .Mary had a bunch of lambs. Convincing my boys, though, that being crayons rather than Ninjas is a great idea is a losing battle. So, this year when ALL FOUR of them wanted to be ninjas--I