Must have for New Multiples

When we were pregnant with our first set of twins, I remember wandering aimlessly through one of those big box baby stores absolutely overwhelmed. What would I truly need? I think I left the store without a single purchase.

Luckily, another mother of multiples said she had everything I would need. She had saved everything from her twins who were now five. The items were a little dated, but they worked fine and they got us through those first few months.

I posed the question to my San Antonio Mothers of Multiples group: What are the “Must-Haves” for multiples.  Interestingly, the list isn’t very long. And, I might add, that most of this you can find at garage sales, craigslist, or through your local mothers of multiples group. The list below will get you through at least the first four-five months!

Here is the list.


Nancy writes, “I think something simple thing that was really useful for us was buying 3 Boppy pillows for our triplets.  Not necessarily for breast feeding, but I used them for all kinds of things in different stages— for tummy time, feeding 2 or 3 at time when I was alone (with pillows elevated), helped aide sitting up when they got a little older to play on the floor,  and even to lay against sharp edges of furniture when started to walk.

Swings: There was a little difference of opinion here. Some most moms said they needed two of them, other moms said that one was just fine with the other baby spending time in the bouncy chair.

Julie writes, All babies are different but mine loved their swings! We were told we only needed one but one morning we were the first in line at Babies-R-Us to get that second one! One rough night will do it. Mine were plug in so no need to worry about batteries.”

Bouncers: This was an across the board favorite and every mom said to get two!

Snap ‘n Go Stroller: Forget the fancy strollers for the first few months.

Stacey writes, For our family…..must have was a double snap and go stroller (thanks to a very kind M.O.M. who gave us her old one) – did not need the fancy car seat stroller combo. Snap and go was light, fairly compact and gave us time to research a stroller we felt would meet the needs of the twins and grow w/them.

Receiving Blankets and Burp Cloths: These uses for these items are endless! In the first couple of months the receiving blankets are great for swaddling babies. With diaper blowouts and constant “wet burps” we were always grabbing for these two items!

Podee Bottles: When you are alone and you need to feed two screaming babies many moms say that these bottles are a lifesaver.

Pack n Play: We kept a pack n play in the dining room. Rather than constantly walking up and down stairs to get to their room for naps and diaper changes, we set up a makeshift nursery in the dining room.



I am a mother of two sets of twins and a singleton. I explore the wild world of multiples and provide resources for other parents of multiples.
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