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Whoa, dear readers, what a week! I’m looking forward to the weekend and hopefully spending time getting my garden ready for planting. (Here in South Texas if you don’t get a garden in by mid March–you may as well wait for the September planting season). Do you have big plans?

Here is this week’s Mostly Multiples links and it is mostly about funny things regarding identical twins.

bw headshot Will and Luke

I am a self-professed Public Radio junkie. I blame the two philosophy professors that I nannied for during my formative college years. They didn’t have a television, and their radio was always tuned to the local public radio station.

  • So, I’m just giddy with excitement when my 9 year old (he’s been a listener since he was a newborn!) says to me, “I love Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me which is a game show on the radio. We caught the last part of the show on Saturday morning when we were driving to Grandma’s house.  Then we started listening to This American Life, which is a show that explores one topic from different narrative perspectives. The show this weekend was titled “Surrogates” and this first story was about identical twins who were co-principals of a middle school. If you have identical twins you’ll get such a kick out of listening to this segment.
  • While we are on the subject of identical twins, have you read this book? The writer, Abigail Pogrebin searches for what makes identical twins singular by mining her own relationship with her twin sister and through interviews of other identical twins. This book was very helpful when I was considering whether to separate my twins or keep them in the same elementary classes.
  • You’ll love this segment about identical twins who had their babies on the SAME DAY!
  • Wouldn’t this be perfect for a baby shower! Absolutely adorable!





I am a mother of two sets of twins and a singleton. I explore the wild world of multiples and provide resources for other parents of multiples.
  1. For all the pregnant moms out there reading this, & in Keeping with this week’s Theme of Identicals, I present Gestational Safety Information for the mom Pregnant with Identical Twins.

    1. Thanks Michael for that resource!

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