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Going to Denver

We’ve repacked the Uhaul and we are on our way back to Texas today. This was a picture of us coming to Denver, and I’m sure the picture tomorrow would be similar but with less smiley faces. (The end of a trip is always sad for me!) But I wanted to share some fun things I found on the internet about multiples.

Now wouldn’t this be a surprise: They were expecting identical twins and delivered identical triplets!

An interesting read about life as an identical twin. Do your identical twins struggle with “who” they are as individuals?

What if you lived with what you thought was your fraternal twin only to learn that you actually had an identical twin? The story of two sets of identical twins mixed up at birth

And this is our Cody dog. He’s a pretty good traveler as long as he has his favorite pillow (which is actually any of the pillows the kids use!).

Cody Going to Denver



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