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Oh ELF ME!Phew! What a week!

Are you ready for Christmas yet? I’m not even close. Every day Dylan asks how many more days and I have to swallow my panic and answer in a cheerful-like-I’m-just-as-excited voice, “Fourteen more days, honey!”

We do have an elf now. No, not the helpful house elf like in Harry Potter. Grandma thought that an elf would make the holidays even merrier. And, it seems to be working. . .except at 11 pm when I’m in bed and I bolt up yelling, “OH S–T I forgot to move the elf!”

Yesterday I was rushing to take him (Dylan, not the Elf) to preschool and then rushing (some people who work in law enforcement might call it speeding) to get to work and. . .yep, I got pulled over. To make matters even worse, .I didn’t have my driver’s license. I had taken it out of my wallet to go through airport security on Sunday and then just dropped it in one of the carry-on bags in the chaos of getting myself, two children and six carrying bags with electronics through the detectors.

I just need to keep reminding myself in every area of my life to SLOW DOWN!

Here are some interesting links I found about regarding mommyhood and multiples.

I loved this Ted talk. If you’ve ever thought, “Why can’t I do a better job of balancing family/work life?  Or if you’ve felt somehow “less than” as a stay-at-home and being the primary caretaker, this TED talk will speak to you!

Cool Facts about Twins that you might have never known. Did you know that tall women are more likely to have twins?

A sweet story about twins separated at birth who find each other.

Finally, here’s a wonderful story about conjoined twins who were separated in an 18 hour surgery




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