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I’m so glad it is Friday but I don’t think the weekend is going to be too relaxing! We have a weekend of baseball games and Luke’s and Will’s Birthday is on Sunday. (Am I the only mother who signs her kids up for outdoor sports and then prays for rain?!)

We should all be tired from the week, but Maddie especially. It was a busy week for her. On Tuesday she introduced the San Antonio City Councilman, Ron Nirenberg, at her school  and participated in a presentation asking the Councilman to help fix the roads around the school and install sidewalks. Councilman Nirenberg was great with the students and gave a wonderful civics lesson on the importance of voting AND even if you can’t vote, voicing your opinion and ideas to make the city better. Councilman Nuremberg has been conducting these town halls for students at various schools in his district. I must say our Student Council did an outstanding job presenting their case for needing better roads and sidewalks.

Meeting Councilman Ron Nirenburg

On Thursday night Maddie received an Award of Excellence from the Northside Independent School District (NISD) for a photograph she entered in the PTA’s Art Reflections contest. The theme of this year’s contest was Let Your Imagination Fly. Even her brothers, who did NOT want to sit through an awards ceremony, were supportive and impressed. I loved that her principal and the PTA President for our school attended to support Maddie and the other students who were honored! The superintendent, Brian Woods, presented the awards. As much as I detest the standardized testing that our students have to endure, I must say how impressed I am that the arts are so well encouraged and promoted!

Superintendent Brian Woods gives Maddie her award

Reflections Medal


Here is her picture that won the award. I told her I liked the tension between the energy of the theme and the calm of the picture and the irony that in this calm this boy’s imagination might in fact be flying!

Let Your Imagination Fly

Now for some interesting things about multiples that you might have missed this week.

Talk about a busy place. This Chicago hospital delivered 17 sets of twins in ONE WEEK!

Love this story about conjoined twins who were surgically separated this week.

Did you know that twin births increased by 76% from 1989-2009? Here are some other fun twin facts.

Have a great weekend!




I am a mother of two sets of twins and a singleton. I explore the wild world of multiples and provide resources for other parents of multiples.
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