Monday Meals: Tre Trattoria’s Bolognese

Tre Trattoria Bolognese

I’m keeping with the theme of “What will Will Eat?” as I post my next family friendly recipe. And, like most kids, Will loves pasta. The problem is that Marc hates red sauce. This is odd because both Marc and Maddie are pretty adventurous and open to all kinds of foods. So, I keep looking for something that satisfies all tastes and may even have a grown-up twist.

The San Antonio Express News Sunday Food section (which is a MUST READ every Sunday morning) posted Tre Trattoria’s Bolognese as one of the best recipes in 2014. Tre Trattoria is a Tuscan-Italian restaurant in San Antonio owned by the famous Chef Jason Dady. This recipe deserves the honor as one of the best in 2014 because it is delicious AND because it fits my criteria for a family good recipe:

  • Easy to make.
  • Ample veggies (and you could actually add some more without too much notice or fanfare).
  • The sauce can be doubled, pouring half of it over the pasta and freezing the other half for another meal.
  • Easily modified. Don’t have ground veal, pork or chuck roast? I used Italian sausage and ground chicken.
  • Adaptable. Avoiding pasta? Try zucchini ribbons or spaghetti squash.
  • It received the highest Marroquin award–two thumbs up from Will.

Will likes this




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  1. This might be a good recipe for a doula to have in her book! Thanks for sharing.

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