“Lego” Popcorn (aka popped sorghum)

Even my picky eater will often try something new if I pair it with something he likes. So when I was trying popped sorghum and called it “Lego Popcorn” and required each child to accept the first tasty popped kernel from a Lego figure, ALL of the kids were immediately hooked!

Lego "Popcorn"

Actually this isn’t popcorn. . .it is popped sorghum which look like miniature popcorn and the perfect Lego figure size! Have you ever heard of it? I had no idea, but when I spotted a bag of it on the clearance shelf of my grocery store and read the package touting its nutritional qualities, I decided to give it a try.

Sorghum is a grain cereal. In Asia and Africa it is primarily a human food, but in the United States it has been mainly used for livestock feed and ethanol fuel. But, since it is also gluten-free, there has been a recent rise in its human food popularity in the US. The entire kernel is eaten (whether it is popped or cooked) increasing its nutritional value.

Lego "Popcorn"

The back of the bag gave a couple ways to make it–and one of the ways was popping it like popcorn. The beauty of sorghum is that it is high in fiber and high in protein so it is a GREAT snack when the late afternoon munchies hit my kids. Add a couple of Lego Figures enjoying the snack and you’ve got the perfect (if unusual) snack.

The beauty of popped sorghum versus popped corn is that even the “old maids”–the unpopped kernels–can be eaten. They provide a very satisfying nutty roasted crunch.

I must have popped nearly the entire bag in one afternoon. Every time one of the neighbor kids came by they were dragged into the kitchen to try some “Lego Popcorn”. Next time your kids are busy building Legos, you might consider surprising them with some LEGO POPCORN–but have them wait until the Lego figures get the first handful!

Lego "Popcorn"

DIRECTIONS: Put ¼ cup in a brown paper lunch bag and loosely fold down the top of the bag. Pop for 2-3 minutes on high. Empty into a bowl (be careful because the unpopped “kernels” are very hot). Spray on a little butter and sprinkle on some salt.

Have you ever tried something new from the clearance section and had a successful outcome?




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