IT’S LABOR DAY. And I’ve updated my LinkedIN profile

Here it is Labor Day and I’m just hanging out with my kids. Nope, not working a lick.

Well, I unloaded  and loaded the dishwasher, prepared four breakfasts (one bowl of cereal required four different cereals and two different kinds of fruits), picked up three from a sleep over, and made seven lunches and a pan of brownies for a Labor Day get together. But, really I’m just hanging out today.

Labor Day has me reflecting on labor. . .and that has led me to think about LinkedIn because that is where all of my friends (or even people I don’t really know but still “endorse”) show that they labor and list the skills they are acquiring while laboring.

And, lately I’ve been getting a myriad of updates from my LinkedIn connections. My LinkedIn-ettes are crazy busy listing all of their skills (some obviously newly acquired) just in case I run into that certain CEO while I’m at the grocery store, or dropping off at preschool, and she asks me if I know a foreign relations-LINUS programming-P&L management-Vendor Versed type of person. (That P&L management is one of my husband’s listed skills of which I had NO IDEA he possessed until I saw it on LinkedIn. And, no I don’t know exactly what P&L stands for but I’m hoping it has something to do with Planned&Launched dinner plans.)

Working Woman

So, in honor of Labor Day, I’ve decided to update my LinkedIn profile listing the skills I’ve honed and the projects that I’ve successfully undertaken this summer. If any of you CEO types think that these skills are not transferable to your organization, you, my friend, have sadly underestimated the qualities, potential, and demonstrated management skills of a Stay-at-Home Mom with five children ages 8 and under who survived 33 days of over 100 degree heat this summer and  a three year old who daily screamed , “I HATE NAPS!” whenever (daily) he had to take a nap.

With all due respect to Cheryl Sandburg and her book about how women should Lean In to their careers, I’ve leaned in (sometimes bent over) into my summer at home with children. From this position these are my skills and accomplishments:

Utilized Negoitation Techniques and Executed Peace Treaties: Weekly  negoiated the transfer of Legos and Lego people from individual in possession of disputed Lego(s) and back to the original (although still disputed) owner.  Was able to sucessfully manuever the emotion around the issue (screaming, crying and occasional throwing off the balcony of disputed items)  to objectively determine the rightful ownership or to place disputed item in secure holding. Utilized microwave timer to provide equally timed ownership when original ownership could no longer be determined.

Also negoitated the transfer of Matchbox cars from one owner to another. Most noteworthy transfer were the firetrucks, which were claimed by numerous owners.

Managed Food Distribution Chain: Researched, purchased, delivered and prepared the raw items required for upwards of 168 meals (nearly 150 of them of relatively decent nutritional value). Some of these meals were prepared in the front seat of an Expedition and then distributed throughout the said vehicle without requiring the driver to stop or recipients to unbuckle from their secure positions.

Transportation  and logistics management. Safely transported individuals to and from all, but not limited to, Girl Scout camp, golf camp, robotics camp, video arcade/bowling camp (I know, please don’t pass judgement on this one), and weekly piano lessons.

Provided Medical Attention: Managed two fevers, five bouts of an unusual intestinal diarrhea, two jellyfish stings, sun burn and a couple of head traumas (please refer to Lego negoiations outlined above).

Managed Five Direct Reports (this is business speak for people who work under you and report to you) including but not limited to mostly successful completion of daily chores needed to keep the table set, the dishwasher loaded, beds made and the backyard plants watered. Also, distributed a weekly incentive program necessary for keeping the team’s morale high.

My only fear in putting all of this on my LinkedIn profile, and believe me I left out plenty additional skills acquired this summer,  is that some people will feel I’m bragging or others will feel bad because their employment utilized skills are sadly lacking when compared to mine. I’m willing to take that risk. With skills like these, who knows when one of my Linked-ettes will run into a CEO looking for that perfect Lego negotiating, diarrhea managing, allowance wielding skilled employee.





I am a mother of two sets of twins and a singleton. I explore the wild world of multiples and provide resources for other parents of multiples.
  1. Michelle…I have always THOUGHT you are amazing, but now I KNOW you are actually BEYOND AMAZING!! Miss you and your likewise AMAZING, adorable family!! Love you guys!

    1. Vickie–you are an amazing teacher and one that inspired my entire family! Will was especially crestfallen when he heard you weren’t at school this year. We miss you but we are happy that you are focusing on your health! You are such a wonderful voice for our children and our environment!

  2. Hey, could you write my LinkedIn profile? Your skills sound totally legit to me, and that seems to be the hardest part of any resume or professional summary.

    1. Meredith,
      Heheheheee! Sure! You’re a mother of multiples–I have a keen idea of your skills. Aren’t those girls three? That age really enhances the acquisition of very acute skills. We’ll talk.

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