I know that Easter is over. . .

The blue egg

I realize Easter was a month ago but it has been such a crazy time around here that I’m just now getting to this post. Besides, in the Catholic Church Easter is a 50 Day CELEBRATION extending from the Easter Vigil until Pentecost Sunday! I so love how these holidays are not over in just one day even though our culture wants us to move on to the next one!

Easter is my favorite holiday so I’m okay reliving the moments from it. You can’t hype the weeks before Easter because it is LENT. Lent is the epitome of no hype. But, come Easter Saturday, the festivities begin and the world seems to burst into color and life and everything that is new and joyous!

To mark this holiday, for the last five years we’ve been hosting a cul de sac Easter egg decorating party. Growing up, my family’s tradition was dyeing hard boiled eggs the Saturday before Easter and then the Easter Bunny hiding them the next morning. I continued this tradition with my family and friends because you can never have enough dyed hard boiled eggs in my opinion.


Decorating the eggs

Everyone gets into the egg decorating–even the parents. Each person makes at least one egg with his or her name on it–written in crayon before it is dipped into the dye.

Decorating the eggs

This year we lost our first teenager to the tradition, but the 12 other children on our street continued to participate and continued to dye eggs these breathtaking colors. (Love how the nail colors match this egg!)


I always want to grab an egg, run to the paint store and say, “I’ll take a gallon of the color of this Easter egg.

Green Egg

We also ventured into making our own cascarones, an Easter tradition that we’ve now added to our family. Our neighbor was saving and washing out empty egg shells. We dyed them then filled them with confetti. On Easter they are cracked on each other’s head.


Cascarones Like this:

Cascarones recipient

Even my 91 year old mother-in-law wasn’t immune to the cascarones being cracked over her head. (I realize this picture looks a little unfair: a three year old with a cartoon full of cascarones and a 91 year old woman in a wheel chair. . .but we made sure that the three year old targeted his uncles, aunts and cousins rather than his grandma. )



Easter morning began with the cul de sac Easter egg hunt.

Hunting Easter Eggs


These two just plopped themselves down on the sidewalk and started eating their candy. A little brazen of them. . .but they claimed to need some nourishment after the morning hunt.

Getting into the Easter Basket


We also started training the next group of egg hunters. . .one of our dear neighbors had their little granddaughter visiting for the weekend. She’ll be giving everyone a run for their money next year.  I think she took notes on the whole process.

The next generation of egg hunters

The fun continued at my husband’s brother’s house for Easter lunch and the traditional batting of the piñata.


Easter that brings out the child in all of us!

Piñata Master



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