How to Pack for a Trip with Multiples


Take it all. No really. Attach whatever you can to the back of the car, on top of the car. Stuff the stuff in every crevice and under everyone’s feet. Pack it in trash bags, duffle bags. . .it doesn’t matter. Everything will be covered in Goldfish and Cheerios and juice box drippings before you even get out of the city limits.

Load groggy, morning-breath smelling kids into the mix. Strap them in, adjust pillows–then ask if anyone has to pee. Unstrap. Tell them to just go on the side of the house because you swear if you go back inside you’ll find something else you might need, “HONEY, do you think we should take the coffee makers? I could plug it into the adapter on the dashboard!”

Plug every electronic device you have in the car into the dashboard outlets: iphones, ipods, itouches, blackberries, camera batteries, rechargeable batteries for  those ancient devices that don’t plug in. Look like a mobile electronics store.

Then make sure that just minutes from your house you look at your significant other and say, “Something sounds like it’s shaking” and make him stop 3 miles from home at 5:30 am to double check everything.

At your first gas stop, buy the bumper sticker, “HONK if anything FALLS OFF!”




I am a mother of two sets of twins and a singleton. I explore the wild world of multiples and provide resources for other parents of multiples.
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