Happy Thanksgiving

Did you have a good Thanksgiving? We definitely did! Dinner was at Scott’s mother’s house. Our day was filled with food, stories, traditions and a few surprises.

We are always late to any of the family gatherings. Even though today I MADE A SCHEDULE and had a list of things we needed to bring. . .we were still late. I used to blame it on having so many small children to gather up and change and gather up again. I don’t have an excuse for our tardiness now.

Maddie going to Grandma's House

Scott is one of eight children. So these family gatherings can get pretty large. Today there were only 20 of us gathered around Grandma’s long rectangular table (actually a few tables strung together). Will was trying to hide while I was taking this picture.



Dylan at Thanksgiving

This is Grandma Lucy. She is a young 90 years old. Even though she was NOT supposed to do anything to get ready for this party, she was up at 1 am trying to get some things together. She said she had to get up that early because she has a walker and moves very slowly.


Maddie took the camera and started taking shots of the day. This is Uncle Jerry. The kids love him because he is amazingly generous and he is constantly sneaking them sweets and desserts.


Without the camera, I was able to sit back and enjoy the meal.


Natalie and Dustin are expecting a baby boy in April so our table will expand even longer!

Expecting Parents

Luke’s favorite pie is pumpkin. His day was complete when he finally could help himself to the dessert table.

Luke and Pumpkin pie

 We tried to take a family picture for our 2013 Christmas card. Even though I swore last year that I’d have it done by August, here we are trying to get it done! But, once again, Luke decided to give one of his funny faces. And yes, this was one of my favorite shots. (Read about our 2012 photo attempts here.)



I did try to get photos of other family members for their Christmas cards. These seemed to go MUCH EASIER than my family’s attempt for one good shot.

Jerry and Cindy's family
Jerry and Cindy’s family


Barbara, Dale and Suzanne
Barbara, Dale and Suzanne
Ron and Jean
Ron and Jean

Aunt Cindy organized a fun game called, FIND THE TURKEY. She hid eight paper turkey cut-outs throughout the yard and the kids had to locate them. Prizes were handed out for the winners. There were five winners.

Find the Turkey Game

Every year Grandma Lucy gives each of her grandchildren, all 24 of them, and great grandchildren, (I think there are three of them) Christmas ornaments. She wants to make sure that the grandchildren have ornaments to hang on their own tree someday.


Scott’s sister, Liz, made each of her siblings a Christmas ornament. The buttons are from their grandmother’s collection. I actually have a few of these buttons on Luke’s and Will’s baptismal gowns. They are so sweet and make this star extra special.


And with the star and the ornaments in hand. . .we move thankfully into the next season of celebration.



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