Happy New Year

Happy New Year everyone! How did you celebrate the last day of 2012? We had some good friends, who are also parents-of-multiples, over for a very impromptu celebration: “Hey, Heather. . .Scott is grilling hamburgers and hot dogs. . .do you want to come over?”

Heather brought apple pie, ice cream and sparkling cider for the “midnight” (also known as the 9:30) toast. We poured drinks into fancy goblets and everyone had to go around and say what they thought the best part of 2012 was. The kids mentioned mostly vacations. (Note to self: VACATIONS–even silly simple ones–ROCK!)

Then we said, “Here’s to 2013!” and GENTLY clinked glasses. Then I made everyone CAREFULLY walk to the Christmas tree for a festive picture. For some reason I look like I already had a couple of glasses of the sparkling cider.
Toasting in 2013

Dylan was especially enamored with the crystal glass and refused to give it up, but did agree to pose with the it.



Tonight while washing dishes I tried to listen to some upbeat Christmas music from The Barenaked Ladies. Maddie, Marc, Will and I danced to Dylan’s favorite, Jingle Bells, with its slow, soft start and then rousing chorus. But, underneath it felt sad and out of place. The season is over and time to move on to 2013.

I opened the Christmas cookie tin and found the last decorated sugar cookie, a small Christmas tree. I ate it.
Last Christmas Cookie

Yep, the holidays are now officially over.



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