Happy New Year!

Before I say goodbye to the 2014 and the holiday season, I want to take a quick look back at it. . .to relish the moments just a little while longer before facing the headwind of 2015.

So here are the highlights of the last two weeks.

We played Monopoly. Will bought property and set up houses and hotels with gusto, laughing with absolute glee every time he landed on something that was available. But, he was a little weak on the budgeting portion of the game and had to mortgage just about everything that he bought.  I went bankrupt pretty quickly. The boys must have played this game for two days straight at the beginning of their holiday break.

Monopoly 2014

I watched Dylan grapple with his first loss. His best friend moved away right before Christmas. These two had known each other since they were ten months old, having met at the Library Toddler Story Time. They were like two peas in a pod and listening to them play together was like listening to a favorite song . I had a couple of “car cries” the week his friend moved.

Best Friends

Christmas itself.

There was Christmas Eve Mass with the nativity play. I had one sheep (Dylan) who kept waving at me during the play while he was supposed to be intent on baby Jesus. One Shepherd (Maddie) because we determined pretty quickly during rehearsals that the aforementioned sheep needed his own personal shepherd. And, a wiseman (Marc)–who attached himself to the role of wealth and knowledge like a pro. The family picture after Mass didn’t go so well as the sheep was DONE and refused to smile or even look at the camera. Those sheep, especially when they are hungry and tired, can be pretty difficult.

Family Christmas Photo

Christmas morning seemed to have the right number of the right gifts. Meaning, everyone had the same number of gifts because everyone counts to make sure there are equal numbers of gifts. It is crazy and makes Santa crazy but Santa breathed a sigh of relief.

Christmas morning

Then the Lego building began.

Lego building

And I think it went on for a couple days with boys waking up and building. . .forgetting to eat. . .not bothering to get dressed or brush their teeth. . .even getting older cousins involved in the construction process.

Lego building

We had dinner at Grandma Lucy’s house with about 23 members of our extended family.

Christmas Dinner at Grandma Lucy's House

A week ago Maddie added a new rabbit to the mix because poor Fluffy. . .well, let’s just say he was quite the escape artist.  Bella is a girl. . .definitely a girl.

New Rabbit

And then came New Year’s Eve with our traditional Vietnamese pho soup dinner for Good Luck. Okay, I totally made up that. But, I LOVE Vietnamese  because it is packed with veggies. The kids complained at first. . .but then the food came. . .

Finally, today I took down the tree. I always feel so sad when I do this–until everything gets put away and I feel finally ready to face the new year.

Dismantling the Christmas tree



Thumbs up!




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