Halloween and the Morning After

Well, Halloween has come and gone. . .and here are a few pictures from our celebration.

Twinstimestwo Halloween 2014


This year we had one Harry Potter (sans glasses because we couldn’t find them EVENTHOUGH I moved them around to safe places all week!), Red Man (who brought a backpack to put all his candy in after his pumpkin was full, Ron Weasley (thanks neighbor, Heather, for the red hair paint), Minja (please, don’t confuse him with the proper pronunciation of Ninja) and a cat vampire (sans the teeth because they were making her gag).

Our decorations were complete with the holiday’s ugliest Jack-O-Lantern: Fred.  Dylan drew the face.

Twins times Two Jack o lantern


Amazingly enough, we were almost able to keep all of the kids together trick-or-treating. It takes a village, though and neighbor Andy pulled a wagon with a cooler for water (and maybe a couple adult beverages–maybe) and the older kids hung out with his family.

twins times two halloween group 2014


I’d say about a couple blocks into trick-or-treating the two Harry Potter characters had ditched wands and capes and some where along the line, with Red Man, had become equipped with toy guns and a Nerf bow (sans the arrows–“sans” seems to be the word of the day for our Halloween).

Now, the morning after I’ve gone through a couple of the bags. . .think those reusable grocery sacks. . .for the gooey things that stick to their teeth. . .and surprisingly, no one has asked for candy yet.

But, you know, Ron Weasley can be pretty sneaky!

twins times two halloween 2014





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