Halloween 2012

I love Halloween costumes that have a family theme: a box of crayons. . .”birds of a feather”. . .Mary had a bunch of lambs. Convincing my boys, though, that being crayons rather than Ninjas is a great idea is a losing battle. So, this year when ALL FOUR of them wanted to be ninjas–I didn’t intervene. Okay, truth be told I did have a fit when I saw the price tag times three of the ninja costumes. At first I was relieved that the two year old would follow tradition and be a bunny. Seeing the swords that the older boys had as part of their costume convinced him that he was no dumb bunny.

Two days later a 3T ninja outfit hung in the laundry room. Bought by his dad because mom wasn’t going to give in.

A witch and four ninjas




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