Guess what’s going to school tomorrow?

This afternoon as I was turning over the compost piles (you know, a well-aerated compost pile makes the kitchen waste turn to compost faster!), I found the one thing, besides a a power outage, that gets the boys away from the video games: GRUBS.


These two inch, grayish, plump larvae of the May or June bug love. . .absolutely delight in. . .almost finished compost. A bird delicacy. A nine year old’s and four year old’s total obsession which I don’t understand but totally encourage..

So while I turned the compost, Will and Dylan picked out as many grubs as they could and put them in the old hermit crab habitat (the hermit crabs have moved to a new roomier locale).


(A quick brag: Scott built me the three bin compost system and I LOVE IT! )


Then I thought, well, with all of the seriousness this week of the STAAR Test (Texas’ standardized tests) maybe the the students could use a little nature, a little grossness (although grubs are actually pretty cool) and a little living science. What better way to counteract the sit-down-for-four hours-and-be-quiet test of the past two days with. . .you guessed it. . .a guest visit by some grubs. Living science. A teachable moment. Silence replaced by OMG’s! and HOW COOLs! and OH GROSS’s! and CAN I TOUCH ONE?

We added almost finished compost because we are benevolent grub keepers and we want to keep them alive and happy for their school visits tomorrow.


I bet those teachers tomorrow are going to think I’m the coolest parent ever. . .or then again maybe not.

Happy Earth Day fellow Earthlings!



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