Go Climb a Tree–at the Library

A few weeks ago I wrote that we were having a “We aren’t reading” kind of summer. The truth is that we’ve actually spent a lot of time at our local library.

And, while I’d like to think that the librarians know me and the kids because of the extensive reading we do, I’m afraid our notoriety is mostly based on the excessive fines we pay (I know I can renew on-line, but do I?) or for how we (ok, the four boys) monopolize the reference librarians’ time by requesting EVERY Mindcraft book in the San Antonio Library System. Today, we were known for the screaming between Dylan (4) and Will (8) over a Mindcraft book that Will had reserved BUT that Dylan had removed from the reserve shelf (“I FOUND IT, MOM! NOT WILL” and the screamed reply “BUT I RESERVED IT!”).  It was pretty ugly.

When I finally managed to check-out what needed to be checked-out and renew the one book that I couldn’t find but had already racked up $3 in fines, I ushered the children outside to the back “porch” of the library.

You see, I LOVE  Igo Library. The children’s librarian, Nancy, is the pied piper of young readers–putting books into their hands and reassuring parents that comic books (now known as “graphic novels”) are legitimate forms of summer reading. Julie is so patient with endless questions. And the reference librarians. . .well, they take every Mindcraft request very serious. . .and are never patronizing to the young patrons.

The building itself strikes the imagination, looking like a modern art form of a barn, complete with a windmill out front and–get this–a porch in the back.

Ah. . .this is a reader’s porch. There are tables and chairs and. . .I love this. . .oversized rockers. Even in 100 degrees heat you can sit (or stand) out there and read or write or just hang out.Igo Library


But, go a little further into the back and you come across history: a tree that has been there for at least a century.

It’s trunk and limbs seem like flexed muscles of a giant and it beckons the kids to climb.Igo Tree


God bless the architect that saw this tree and decided, THIS HAS TO STAY! Seriously, wouldn’t YOU want to start climbing it’s truck and sturdy branches?Igo Tree


Testing your balance?

Igo Library

Climbing further into the branches and foliage until you could barely be seen, but you could see everything?

Igo Library


Honestly, I think that climbing a tree is so much like reading a book.






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  1. Amazing climbing tree! It can be tricky to find a great one in San Antonio. We’ll have to check it out.

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