Friday Edition of Mostly Multiples

Welcome to Friday!

I have to admit that a certain crabbiness was nibbling at the edges of my day on Thursday. It’s the weather. Like the rest of the country, south Texas is experiencing its first hard freeze with this arctic front that is moving through. Usually I look forward to the cold, especially after the heat of summer in south Texas. But, I was hoping that we’d have a few weeks of mild, enjoyable (aka gardening) weather before the first freeze set in. Nope. We are looking at being in the 20’s by Friday morning with wind chills in the teens.

The promise of more

Cheated. . .I tell you.

I had nursed my Juliette tomatoes and tomatillos through the heat and drought of summer and finally. . .finally. . .things were looking great and turning around. But, a freeze is here from this Arctic Vortex and in my petulant mood I just couldn’t bring myself to haul out sheets and tarps to try to protect everything. Another freeze is supposedly following in this one’s wintery footsteps.

So, Dylan and I did a massive harvest this Thursday afternoon picking every tomato–read that as every green tomato–that we could and the last of the green beans, a couple of radishes, and some swiss chard. The tomatillos were too small to pick  and that plant was loaded. . .just loaded with slooooowly growing tomatillos. After tomorrow they’ll be nonexistent.

The harvest

Ah. . .the life of a farmer. . .ahem, of a raised bed gardener!

harvesting tomatoes

So here are some links to fun things I found this week about the world of multiples.

Can you imagine not knowing you were pregnant with twins? Check out this story.

We are actually considering getting bunk beds because all of the boys have decided to bunk together in the same room. Here are some great (and unusual)  bunk beds.

A sweet story about a couple getting married in the NICU and their surviving twin was the best sleeping ring bearer ever!



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