Fourth of July and the Seed Spitting Contest

Did you have a good holiday weekend? We sure did!

Dylan enjoys a patriotic cupcake

Of all of our national holidays, the fourth of July is definitely my favorite. It is all about getting together with friends and family, celebrating our nation’s birthday in a way that doesn’t polarize people, and it ends with spectacular fireworks.  This year we celebrated in Texas with Scott’s brother and sister-in-law. Our family has so many memories of poolside adventures at Uncle Jerry and Aunt Cindy’s. This year was no exception.

There was a lot of swimming. . .

Taking the Plunge with Dad


Will swings from the rope

Maddie gives a thumb up

And quite a few throws and flips from “THE LAUNCHER” aka cousin Chris. . .

Aunt Cindy organized games. . .with prizes!

There was the intense potato sack race where Maddie held her own with her brothers, but lost to cousin Chris’ amazing bounces. We also had a water balloon toss won by partners Marc and Luke.


Marc and Luke won the water balloon toss

The potato race run-offs

Chris can really bounce

The highlight, if not just for the hilarious pictures, was the seed spitting contest that also involved the adults. If you look closely you can see the seeds flying through the air in some of the pictures.




And most importantly, there was family. . .



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