First Haircut

Scott’s Mom called me yesterday. She and Scott had been together in the morning going to one of her doctor’s appointment. When you’re months away from 90, the doctor’s appointments seem to be a big part of your life. Anyway, she went on and on about a picture that Scott had shown her of Dylan. I couldn’t figure out which one and assumed it was one that Scott had taken with his phone. Later in the evening when I asked him, he said that it was the picture of Dylan getting his first haircut.

It is one of my favorites too because it captures his impish grin while participating in a “big boy” event! And, then there are those curls! We didn’t cut them all off–as you can see in the “after-with-a-lollipop” picture.

I also love this picture of Luke getting his summer cut. There is something about the older man’s hand steadying Luke’s head that I find endearing.

The after photo was difficult to take because by then everyone was tired and itchy and just wanted to go home.




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