Even when he is sick. . .

Luke and Will

Will woke up this morning with a stomach virus. Five o’clock this morning he was standing on my side of the bed announcing that he had just thrown up–all over his bed.

God Bless, Scott. He knows my aversion/anxiety about vomit and vomitting (did you know that there is a medical term for this anxiety–but I can’t remember it right now). So he got out of bed and cleaned up the mess and took care of Will. I felt guilty. . .and then I fell back asleep. Yes, that’s the kind of wife I am.

Later in the morning I took this picture. Luke and Will were huddled together on the couch watching the same video game.

“Luke!” I exclaimed. “Don’t sit so close to Will because you might get that stomach virus.”

He looked at me and said, “I don’t care.”

I’d like to think that he just wanted to be close to his brother and comfort him. In the photo Luke does look comforting and Will does look under the weather.

It is better thinking that than the more plausible reason: Luke nestled jowl-to-cheek with Will because he just really wanted to watch that video game.





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