Crested Butte: Summer in the Mountains

Crested Butte Every other summer my side of the family gets together for about five days–usually in one of the mountain towns of Colorado. This year we headed to Crested Butte. The area, in the East River Valley, was once the summer residence of the Ute Indians. Later it became a silver and coal mining town and now it is a popular ski area in the winter and a biking mecca in the summer. The base lodge area, where we are staying, offers something for everyone.  My brother, Chad, and his two older sons took their bikes on the chairlift to the top of the mountain and road down. Biking in CB   Riding down the Mountain at CB The younger kids found their own thrills at the mountain base. Luke demonstrates his fearless bungee jumping skills Bungie Jumping Maybe being in the mountains meant that height was the theme because the other popular activity was the tower jump into the giant air bag. Air bag jump A couple of the kiddos looked over the edge and. . .had second thoughts. Marc must have climbed that tower three or four times but just couldn’t jump. Second thoughts Marc found his groove in the rock climbing. Rock Climbing My brother, Aaron, and I rode the lift up to mid mountain and hiked down. The trail, while also used by the mountain bikers, wound through some gorgeous Aspen groves. Aspen Groves at Crested Butte The day ended in our condo with a potato bar for dinner and a dance off for family entertainment. Family Dance off That was just the first day of our adventure. . .and it got thumbs up from the judges! Crest Butte



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