Crawfish Boil in Denver


It might seem strange that we’d have to go North (away from the ocean) to have our family experience their first Crawfish Boil, but that is exactly what happened while we were visiting Denver. My brother, Jon, and his wife, Sam, hosted a crawfish boil for the family in their beautiful backyard. It was a messy blast!

The crawfish were flown in that morning from Lousianna



My brother, Aaron, separated the alive looking ones from those that looked a little motion sick–or worse.


This is the point where I stopped taking pictures and handed the camera to Maddie. I was engaged in a highly competitive fuse ball challenge. I think I had just scored a point–or maybe I had knocked it into the goal I was trying to defend.



Our competition was fierce. And one member of the opposing team had to stand on a chair to play.


Delicious things were added to the pot of boiling water: artichokes, onions, lemons, potatoes, corn, whole garlic with just the tops cut off.



After that the crawfish, sausage and shrimp were added.


Boiling the crawfish

Sam, the hostess, gave us each bibs. The kids thought this was really funny.


When this mixture was cooked, the whole delicious mess was spread on to two table tops and we gathered ’round and started eating. . .and cracking open. . .and sucking out.




Phew! It was good, but a lot of work.


Not only is he an excellent host, I keep telling Jon that he should start a blog because he is one of the most talented “upcyclers” and house renovators I have ever met. His house is filled with Craigslist and  “oh-I-found-that-in-the-alley” finds that he has transformed into beautiful pieces for his house. I snapped a quick photo of the herb pot plaque that he made. Totally cool!








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  1. Mmm, I love the mudbugs! Never tried adding artichokes to the boil, but I bet it’s delicious. It looks like you guys had a joyful time. And that herb plaque is really cool!

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