Mostly Multiples Links

This is the only picture I have of Maddie and Marc somewhat holding hands as babies. They loved to sleep together--and seemed to sleep better when the other was there--but they didn't necessarily reach out and cling to the other. I love this picture because Maddie does seem to be reaching out and touching Marc.

A Busy July 4th!

I know a few days have passed since the fourth of July but we had such a crazy, unexpected day that I thought I'd share some pictures. The morning started with the annual parade in Georgetown, Colorado. We've "marched/walked"  in about three of these parades with my brother, Tim Mauck, who is county commissioner for Clear Creek

An Alternative to Hotels

I have come to the conclusion that hotels don't work for my family of seven. Actually I realized this a few of years ago when we started the 15+ hour drive from San Antonio to Denver in one day,  just to avoid spending the night in a hotel. We no longer fit in one room and two rooms