My Children are Too Sweet

My one indulgence when doing laundry. . .and sometimes the reason I'm okay doing laundry. . .is that I get to catch up on some Netflix viewing. A couple of nights ago while folding sheets I started watching the documentary, Fed Up. The premise of the documentary is that the reason we have an obesity epidemic, especially for our children, is that we've let large food manufactures basically have a blank check on what they can put into their processed foods, how those foods are labeled and how they … [Read more...]

Looking for Open Roads, Gas Stations and Walmarts

If you've been following my blog you might remember when I posted about our first RV trip. In a nutshell, two years ago we rented an RV for Spring Break and traveled to two amazing Texas State Parks (Balmorhea and Garner), the McDonald Observatory and Fort Davis National Historic Site. It was one of the most memorable trips we've ever taken and we returned to San Antonio ready to buy an RV. The following year we again rented another RV,  but that trip was didn't go so well. We had trouble with … [Read more...]

Mostly Multiple Links

I'm so glad it is Friday but I don't think the weekend is going to be too relaxing! We have a weekend of baseball games and Luke's and Will's Birthday is on Sunday. (Am I the only mother who signs her kids up for outdoor sports and then prays for rain?!) We should all be tired from the week, but Maddie especially. It was a busy week for her. On Tuesday she introduced the San Antonio City Councilman, Ron Nirenberg, at her school  and participated in a presentation asking the Councilman to help … [Read more...]

Monday Meals: Chicken and Snow Pea Stir Fry

The winter in South Texas has been pretty mild, so if you're a gardener in these parts, you're already picking your first batch of snow peas from the vines. That is the case with my friend and colleague, Bob. We are often discussing or rather commiserating on our gardens and the weather and the bugs. He got his snow peas planted by early February and today put a large bag of them, perfectly green and crisp, on my desk. I immediately started munching away like some overgrown Peter Rabbit. But, … [Read more...]

Mostly Multiples Links

This is the only picture I have of Maddie and Marc somewhat holding hands as babies. They loved to sleep together--and seemed to sleep better when the other was there--but they didn't necessarily reach out and cling to the other. I love this picture because Maddie does seem to be reaching out and touching Marc. (I never thought I'd miss those days of early twin life, but I do!) But this touching story shows twins in utero holding hands. It is especially poignant because one twin isn't … [Read more...]

A Busy July 4th!

I know a few days have passed since the fourth of July but we had such a crazy, unexpected day that I thought I'd share some pictures. The morning started with the annual parade in Georgetown, Colorado. We've "marched/walked"  in about three of these parades with my brother, Tim Mauck, who is county commissioner for Clear Creek County. This year Uncle Tim had new/old Jeep so he took the top off, put the kids in, and  had them throw candy to the bystanders. (I don't think the kids realized how … [Read more...]

An Alternative to Hotels

I have come to the conclusion that hotels don't work for my family of seven. Actually I realized this a few of years ago when we started the 15+ hour drive from San Antonio to Denver in one day,  just to avoid spending the night in a hotel. We no longer fit in one room and two rooms are pricey. Ditto for suites in terms of price--and someone is still sleeping on the pull out couch that doesn't work. And then there is the mini kitchen that is good for a bowl of cereal but not so good for any … [Read more...]

Are You an Irresponsible Parent? “Will” you answer yes?

A mom never forgets the sting of being called an irresponsible parent. And, yet, often the truth in that accusation leads to something good. And, when you think of being called irresponsible, you might think it was a grandparent or relative who would have leveled such a blow. But, in our case it was our financial planner. To make matters worse, we were called "irresponsible parents" on our first visit with him. And, that honesty. . .the truth in his statement. . .forced us to … [Read more...]

The Cool Cucumber: the perfect (easy) side dish

Today I'm paying homage to my maternal Hungarian roots. Living in San Antonio has meant that I've adopted quite a few flavors and recipes from my husband's Hispanic heritage. But, today we go back to the Ohio Valley where my mom's family settled and bring forward a delicious, easy, and oh-so-cool cucumber salad that is the PERFECT accompaniment to almost any cooked meat. Usually when I do a cucumber salad I'm putting on a vinaigrette and my family loves it that way. Even Will, my … [Read more...]

When You Don’t Think You Have Enough

Is it too cliché to say that one must sometimes go away in order to see where they are? I’m writing this on my flight back to San Antonio from my 25th college reunion at Creighton University. I’m exhausted and exhilarated and, to be honest, a little uneasy about returning home. The weekend gave me such an opportunity to reconnect not only with friends but also with my former “before-husband-and-children” self. But, honestly, I almost didn’t go. For at least two months before the reunion … [Read more...]