Did you WANT to have Twins?

Since my first pregnancy was a twin pregnancy, I don't think I thought about wanting or not wanting to have twins. Scott and I struggled to have children and had to resort to in vitro to begin our family. We were so excited to become parents and we thought that the two-for-one deal was a great way to do it. But after a "not-as-I-planned" emergency c-section and babies hooked up to tubes and monitors and the unrelenting demands of caring for such fragile lives, I desparately struggled during … [Read more...]

Kangaroo Care–Ask for it!

After my first set of twins were born at 33 weeks and I was in the throes of a magnesium drip as well as recovering from a c-section, I had to wait 24 hours before I could see my babies. Scott had snapped a quick picture of the nurses holding the babies next to my head immediately after their birth. Later, as I was in the recovery room, he snuck video of the babies in the NICU. Marc's plaintive cry sounded like a wounded animal. The morning after their birth, still not having seen them, … [Read more...]

What to Bring to the Hospital

    I was 32 weeks with my first set of twins when I met my cousin, Ellen, for lunch. I remember her asking me, “Do you have your hospital bag together?” “What? I’m only 32 weeks. I have at least six more weeks to go.” “You need to get that ready now!” she said with urgency in her voice. Of course I didn’t. I was still trying to finish the nursery and get other things in order. The next week my husband rushed me to the hospital when I had excruciating back pain. … [Read more...]

Sleep Training the Two Year Old

Dylan decided during the holiday break that along with wearing "big boy underwear" he was no longer going to sleep in his crib. At 27 months, he is both my youngest to potty train and my youngest to reject the crib. He thought that he wanted to sleep in Will and Luke's room and we put a mattress on the floor between his brothers' beds. The freedom of no crib, though, was challenging because suddenly Dylan realized that there were other places he could sleep. At naptime he'd start in his new … [Read more...]

How Alike?

I'm fascinated with identical twins.   And, even though I'm the mother to a set of them I often forget that they are identical. They are always Luke and Will to me--with seemingly very different personalities. But every once in while I'm struck by some similarity that has nothing to do with looks. For instance, when I went to school conferences a few weeks ago, Luke and Will, who are in separate classes scored almost identically in reading: their instructional level as well as their … [Read more...]

Must have for New Multiples

When we were pregnant with our first set of twins, I remember wandering aimlessly through one of those big box baby stores absolutely overwhelmed. What would I truly need? I think I left the store without a single purchase. Luckily, another mother of multiples said she had everything I would need. She had saved everything from her twins who were now five. The items were a little dated, but they worked fine and they got us through those first few months. I posed the question to my San … [Read more...]

10 Things to Remember When your Babies are in the NICU

  Seeing our newborn babies in the NICU was probably one of the hardest things I've ever endured. I had spent months planning this perfect delivery; envisioned taking my two darlings home; and, continuing on our happy little way. So, when I delivered my twins at 33 weeks, my dream of "how-it-was-going-to-be" turned into a confusing, and with the magnesium drip I was on, almost surreal experience. Looking back now, I wish I had had someone to guide me through my first foray into … [Read more...]

I Don’t Really Enjoy Babies. . .or this is Harder than I ever Imagined

  I am the oldest of five children. I have four younger brothers. I was a teacher. I have been around babies and children my entire life.  Imagine my shock when I discovered after my twins were born that I wasn’t enjoying the infancy stage. The guilt. . .the angst. . .the fear that I made truly the worse mistake of my life and there was no turning back. Not that I didn’t love my babies but caring for them in those early, sleep-deprived, intensive days, I struggled mightily. I … [Read more...]