“Lego” Popcorn (aka popped sorghum)

Even my picky eater will often try something new if I pair it with something he likes. So when I was trying popped sorghum and called it "Lego Popcorn" and required each child to accept the first tasty popped kernel from a Lego figure, ALL of the kids were immediately hooked! Actually this isn't popcorn. . .it is popped sorghum which look like miniature popcorn and the perfect Lego figure size! Have you ever heard of it? I had no idea, but when I spotted a bag of it on the clearance shelf … [Read more...]

What is Your Minimum Requirement?

Probably the most asked question I get (besides how did I end up with two sets of twins) is how did I do it. Honestly, I don't know and more honestly, I don't remember. I didn't have any great organizational system, philosophy or check-off chart. I constantly felt like I was drowning while trying desperately to swim through these days of infancy and toddlerhood. But, what I clearly remember is that I had a couple of minimum requirements that were like life rafts to my days and weeks. In … [Read more...]

Guess what’s going to school tomorrow?

This afternoon as I was turning over the compost piles (you know, a well-aerated compost pile makes the kitchen waste turn to compost faster!), I found the one thing, besides a a power outage, that gets the boys away from the video games: GRUBS. These two inch, grayish, plump larvae of the May or June bug love. . .absolutely delight in. . .almost finished compost. A bird delicacy. A nine year old's and four year old's total obsession which I don't understand but totally encourage.. So … [Read more...]

Even when he is sick. . .

Will woke up this morning with a stomach virus. Five o'clock this morning he was standing on my side of the bed announcing that he had just thrown up--all over his bed. God Bless, Scott. He knows my aversion/anxiety about vomit and vomitting (did you know that there is a medical term for this anxiety--but I can't remember it right now). So he got out of bed and cleaned up the mess and took care of Will. I felt guilty. . .and then I fell back asleep. Yes, that's the kind of wife I am. Later … [Read more...]

When Not to Let Twins be on the Same Team

I'm pretty adamant about my twins being separated in school and I'm planning to write a post about that. But, as far as sports go, I'd prefer if the entire family was on ONE team. This would mean that I would only have to carpool to one practice. Baseball season is starting this week and we have three different teams: Dylan is in t-ball, Luke and Will are on a team, and Marc is on a different team. At dinner Scott informed me tomorrow Dylan and Marc have practice. . .the next day Luke and … [Read more...]

Mostly Multiples Links: Multiples as Astronauts and our Visit to NASA

Time Magazine recently featured identical twins, Mark and Scott Kelly. (The picture above is NOT Mark and Scott Kelly.) You are probably most familiar with Mark Kelly because he is the husband of Gabrielle Giffords, a retired Arizona congresswoman who was a victim of an assassination attempt in 2011. I didn't realize until reading the cover story in  December 28 edition of Time that Mark (older by 6 minutes) and Scott are both astronauts, and they are currently preparing for a year long … [Read more...]

Happy New Year!

Before I say goodbye to the 2014 and the holiday season, I want to take a quick look back at it. . .to relish the moments just a little while longer before facing the headwind of 2015. So here are the highlights of the last two weeks. We played Monopoly. Will bought property and set up houses and hotels with gusto, laughing with absolute glee every time he landed on something that was available. But, he was a little weak on the budgeting portion of the game and had to mortgage just about … [Read more...]

AMAZING Asian Chicken Noodle Soup

My friend and work colleague said that I should only post recipes of meals that Will loves. Will is probably my pickest eater--which is funny because when you have two sets of twins 19 months apart they are all pretty much eating the same thing. So, I find it strange (and I'll admit frustrating) having a picky eater. But that is Will. It might also be that he "tastes" food differently than the rest of us. Will is allergic to eggs and the allergist once told me that eggs probably have a … [Read more...]

Mostly Multiples Links

Phew! What a week! Are you ready for Christmas yet? I'm not even close. Every day Dylan asks how many more days and I have to swallow my panic and answer in a cheerful-like-I'm-just-as-excited voice, "Fourteen more days, honey!" We do have an elf now. No, not the helpful house elf like in Harry Potter. Grandma thought that an elf would make the holidays even merrier. And, it seems to be working. . .except at 11 pm when I'm in bed and I bolt up yelling, "OH S--T I forgot to move the … [Read more...]

An Airsoft Gun: the Christmas present I don’t want to give

How do you feel about guns? I come from a family of hunters: pheasant and geese mostly. Scott's brothers and nephews hunt dove and deer. One of Marc's best friends goes out with his dad deer hunting. So, I can't say that I'm against guns. Admittedly I've never shot one. . .and to be honest, I really don't want to, but I understand that people like to hunt and target shoot, and some people might feel a sense of protection from owning one. Scott, though, would much rather shoot a 70 on an … [Read more...]